~~~~~~~~~   R E C E N T   H I G H L I G H T S   ~~~~~~~~~


April: Martin plays the Duke of Wellington in a revival of Miss Wilsonís Waterloo for a special performance at the Theatre Le Colombier, Codes-sur-Ciel, in France.

June: He plays Frederick Delius in Late Swallows by David Bottomley, at the Brockley Jack Theatre London.

September: Travels to Milan to film a TV commercial for Lavazza Coffee.

September: Premiere's his one-man show Shakespeare and Me at the Rye Arts Festival.

October: Films the part of a Judge in an episode of Call the Midwife.

December: Films the part of Dr Bodley Scott in the Netflix series The Crown.

December: Takes part in a Christmas Show at the Barn Theatre, Downe, Kent.


January: Martin continues filming his part in The Crown.

January/February: He plays Harold Chance in Funny Turns by David Hampshire, at the Museum of Comedy, Bloomsbury, London.

February: Films a TV commercial with Usain Bolt for Virgin Media.

March: His episode of Call the Midwife is shown.

April: He plays Charles in Murder on Cue by Robin Miller, at the Arts Centre, Barnes, London.

His appearances on Good Omens (BBC) and The Crown (Netflix) will all be shown later in the year.

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